Art Capture

Scanning Original Art


Whether we’re shooting in our studio or on location, the first step in any print or art reproduction is the scan. And because your print quality will be only as good as the scan, we have invested in the best image capture system available.

We begin by photographing your original art with a 4X5 camera outfitted with the Betterlight digital scan back and the finest Schneider lenses. A color target is photographed with every project, from which a custom color profile is generated, insuring consistent tonal and color fidelity. Technology and automation are great but the eyes and experience of a trained color professional are a necessary ingredient in achieving consistent results. In short, the scans you get from Art Capture are sharp, color corrected, in focus, evenly lit with no glare, and free of any digital noise or artifacting.

Scanning Film


For photographers shooting film or artists with film archives, Art Capture has one of the best drum scanners ever built, the Crosfield/Fuji Celsis 6250. A Drum scanner’s photomultiplier tubes are better than the CCD technology for a few reasons: Greater dynamic range, no digital noise, bigger enlargements and smoother tones due to the “oil mounting” technique. Add built in ICC profiling and you’ve got an unbeatable system for scanning your originals.